Hi, I've been having a bit of trouble - our Zenworks Imaging Server isn't picking up any of our Dell machine's network cards (two separate types - one loads the "sky2" module, the other the "e1000e" module). Now, my theory is that the PXE image is too old (2.6.5 kernel - era 2004) to load modules for these cards. So, what I've been trying to work on is integrating new modules into the initrd image. This is proving to be difficult - when I chroot into it to compile the drivers into modules, I'm obviously missing gcc and other essential components. So I bind-mount /bin and /sbin and that those sort of folders into the chroot so I can compile, but then I realise, that with the amount of folders I've bound, most of the source will get installed into my host system. So what I would like to know is, is there a way that I can compile these modules for that specific kernel so that I can integrate them into the initrd image, or something else I can do? I've tried using Ubuntu's initrd, but it wont load much past itself. I've been following some of Novell's documentation, but to no avail so far. Thank in advance,