While our Bordermanager Server [BORDER] motherboard was being replaced, I
set up a temporary Border server [TEMP] so we could have internet access. I
did a manual remove of BORDER from DS and installed TEMP. BORDER was NW6SP3
and BM3.7SP2. TEMP was installed as NW6SP5 and BM3.8SP2A. When the repair
server came back I removed DS from TEMP using NWCONFIG. After everything
was synced, I connected BORDER and installed DS using NWCONFIG. Now I'm
having trouble getting the filters and Surfcontrol rules to work properly.
After reinstalling BORDER, all the filters and rules were gone and I had to
recreate them. BRDCFG did not place the default filters in FILTCFG. I
manually put all the filters in and created the surfcontrol rules. Most of
it seems to be working properly, but some of the surfcontrol rules are not
taking affect. I have a Surfcontrol rule to allow the group teachers access
to web-based email. I have to manually add all there web-based email
addresses to an allow rule in order for them to get to them. What should I
check, or do I need to upgrade to NW6SP5 and BM3.8SP2A and then recreate all
the filters and rules?