I have some trouble connecting to some services after installing bm38 on a
nw65sp2 server. Also I installed the latest domestic tcpip version,
because we want to use the vpn later on.

private nic : internal ip
public nic : public ipaddress assigned by isp (dhcpclnt does not work, so
I filled in the addresses manually)
copperjet 811 modem is directly attached to the public ethernet port.

I try to browse to some websites which are on non default ports, but can't
access them. Also I try to connect to a remote terminal server but also
does not connect. For both I created a filter exception.

After this did not work I unloaded ipflt, but even then it did not work.

I did not enable nat on my public interface, but even if a set it to
dynamic nat, I still have the same problem.

What can I do ?

All other things do work, like ping, dns, browsing.