So I've had to reinstall ZCM 10 on a number of PCs to get them working correctly. Often this is due to replacing a hard drive, or cloning.

Sometimes I just can't get time on the PC that needs ZCM fixed. I've found a way to remotely fix some problem PC's.

First get PSEXEC from Microsofts site.
Launch PSEXEC specifying a domain admin user id and password. Pass through authentication does not allow you on the network;

psexec \\pc1234 -u domain\user -p password cmd.exe
Now you are at command prompt on the remote PC. Type in set and you can verify this.

Navigate to the bin dir for zen. C: cd \program files\novell\zenworks\bin

type in zac reg -u username -p password https://servername
then type in zac cc {enter} and zac ref.

This has registered PCs on my network which were not working otherwise, without having to knock the user off the PC. PSExec will launch GUI applications too, but those appear on the users desktop and not yours.

Alternatively, you can drop these commands into a .bat file and use Microsoft's SOON command to run the batch command. PSExec is nice to see the response when the results are not always as expected.