OK, I have been using TSAFS with the enableGW for years with now issues.
We have hosted GW on NetWare 6.5 through GW6.x, GW7 and GW8. Now we are
moving from NW to OES2. I am planning for later this week.

We have been using CA ArcServe 12 with the NetWare Agents. Worked fine.
Now that we are moving to Linux, looks like CA doesn't support TSA on
Linux or OES2. So we must find a new solution. First off we are looking
at Syncsort BackupExpress. Looks very nice. We are tired of the
limitation of ArcServe.

My new problem is how will be backup GW until the we get a new backup
solution in place. For now is looks like dbcopy if the way to go. The GW
PO is only about 60GB, but the volume that will host it is 400GB. So I
should be able to keep about 3-5 copies on that volume if we like.

Now if I keep using the same folder, it sounds like DBCOPY won't delete
files that have become obsolete so if I keep using the same folder for a
week at a time, what happens if I have to restore that folder? Will
GWCHECK delete the unnecessary files after I load the POA against it?

Does anyone have any good scripts for DBCOPY? Wouldn't want to reinvent
the wheel.

Next TSAFS vs. TSAFWGW. I have used TSAFS with enableGW for years with
now problems. I have even restored from this. What advantage does
TSAFSGW give. Does it just serve the GW system up as a resource to the
backup? Is it better in any way then just using TSAFS?

Any information would be appreciated.