I have a problem with ifolder on nss.
I have just installed the server, without ifolder but with nss.
Then configured data volume as nss, all ok.
then installed ifolder took defaults through install.
then added data vol as store. path /media/nss/DATA/IF3
ifolder will not connect with nss store.
tried removing nss data store and ifolder runs correctly.
problem is sure to be rights somehow.

The linux directory shows wwwrun user as owner, but groups does not display www group for me to set as group owner. linux rights set as 777 for the moment.

I found a link for allocating rights to wwwrun as
rights -f /media/nss/DATA/IF3 -r rwfcem trustee wwwrun.IF3.CS.o.tree
accepted the command ok but still no ifolder connection.

Could anyone point me in the right direction??
all help appreciated, thanks