Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem with YaST(2).
When i click on "oes install and configuration" it first read the different .xml files and then the patches and then returns to the main window.

If i run the command "/sbin/yast oes-install" it show the same behaviour. again:
1) reading the xml files and patches
2) returning the shell

If i then give the command "echo $?" it says: "0" which is not true of course because it yast just died on me.

the /var/log/y2log is showing no usefull information in my opinion, so i am kind of stuck now. And a "strace -o /tmp/yast -ff -e trace=open,read,write /sbin/yast oes-install" returns a enormous amount of data which i am still studying, but no luck so far.

I really hope someone can show me what i am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance!

Justin Zandbergen