I've been troubleshooting issues with the ZenWorks Service crashing on startup and I've noticed that on clients who have this issue their logs will always contain this violation message:

[DEBUG] [04/07/2009 06:00:40.474] [1144] [ZenworksWindowsService] [26] [] [WebServerMonitor] [] [ Server protocol violation connecting to: http://X.X.X.X:7628/RURunning/] [] []
NOTE: I replaced the IP address with X.X.X.X . The IP address is that of the local machine from which the client is running.

Any insight as to what may be going on and if there's a connection with this and the service crashing? When I go to that URL it says "ZENworks Agent is Running", although this was after the user rebooted so I have not been able to check this when the service was actually down. The issues seems pretty random and travels around workstations with Zen 10.1.3 installed.