I wanted to share my experience with setting up DHCP in a clustered environment using Linux POSIX Volumes for anyone who might run into the same issues regarding load and unload scripts provided in the DHCP/DNS documentation.

It seems the load script is fine, however, if you notice your resource loading, mounting the volume for a few seconds and then going comatose... this might help:

The dhcpd configuration file in /etc/sysconfig/ can have the interface variable set to one of 4 different values. The default value when setting up DHCP in the OES2 SP1 dialog is to use the "eth:xx:xx:xx:xx" value. After the resource continued to go comatose shortly after loading I looked in /var/log/messages and noticed the message that "eth:xx:xx" was not listening. It was cutting off the rest of the value of eth:xx:xx:xx:xx when adding the resource ip in the load script.

I fixed this issue by using the value "eth1" instead of the previous value. This enabled my DHCP resrouce to load without issues. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I could recreate the error on all 4 DHCP servers.