After updating to NetWare SP7 (and maybe SP8), several users have reported NetWare FTP giving intermittent login failures, or unexpected Intruder Lockouts at the eDirectory level. These events are happening very unexpectedly because typically the users who report this are using automated scripts, so fat-fingering a password is not possible.

Novell is keenly interested in investingating this, and has found some potential causes, but does not have enough customer involvement to know whether progress is being made in the right areas. This is because we (unfortunately?) have an effective work-around, and once users start using it, they typically lose interest in pursuing the core issue. So time is passing without truly resolving the root cause. We would like to resolve this while development resources for NetWare are still available.

If you administer a NetWare FTP server in your organization, and are experiencing this problem, we would like your help in gathering some dstraces to analyze, and in trying potential fixes.

Here's more information about the symptoms we are looking for, and the steps we will be taking:

- While this can effect "live" users also, it is best if we can focus on automated processes, so we can be sure that the login failures are not just due to user error.

- The intruder detection which can be triggered by this issue is typically the eDirectory-level intruder detection (controlled in container properties of the tree) , not the NWFTPD-level intruder detection (controlled in FTPSERV.CFG). Of course, since intruder detection is an optional feature, some users will never experience this aspect of the symptom. We would be interested in participation even if intruder detection is not part of your scenario.

- We believe this issue has come up in connection with the fact that server-NLM-based logins (of the type used by NWFTPD) are now being intercepted by and redirected through NMAS. This redirection began around the time of NetWare 6.5 SP6. However, the pattern so far is that users who report this issue are on SP7 (or possibly SP8). So our data-gathering will focus on DSTRACES with NMAS tracing enabled. Our potential fixes will likely involve updating NMAS modules.

- Investigation of whether universal password policies are influencing this issue may also be needed. So altering or creating exceptions to existing policies may be part of troubleshooting.

If you believe you are experiencing this issue, and it occurs often enough that you could feasibly reproduce / capture info / try a fix and conclude whether it has worked, please contact me, Darcy Partridge, at