I am getting the following on all my accounts, in all my post offices:

User stats: 0 InBox, 3 OutBox, 3 WasteBasket
Disk space management values: Size Limit - 1572864KB, Threshold - 95%
Problem 90- Threshold limit exceeded. Current size: 2899KB

all my accounts, according to gwcheck logs, have exceeded their limit.
I updated my system from 7.0.3hpwhatever to 8.0hp1 this past weekend.
20 post offices, 1600+ accounts..

The users are not being prompted that their accounts "are" over the limit. WebAccess was upgraded to version 8 as well, but the local clients are still at 7.0.x

Anyone else seeing this?
fyi - this is generic account, so item count is correct....