We installed BM38 in our production tree. During the process of setting
up the various functionalities of BM we encountered too many problems so
we decided to remove the server from our production tree and start the
setup on a new tree. Now that the setup looks good, we would like to
rollout this server. My problem is it's in a different tree from where
the users are. We were thinking of a few things.

1. Redo the server. Perform the entire setup on the exiting tree and
pray that I don't go through the same difficulties I did b4.

2. Remove the DS on the new server (I don't know how to go about this).
I have C2S VPN setup on this server. If I remove the DS, my VPN objects
will go kabuhm (vanish). What happens to the VPNtunnel in the network
interface (inetcfg)? After removing the DS, I would have to install the
DS again right? Never done this before.. don't know what the steps are
and what impact it has.

Another question: When we did our setup in the existing tree, we removed
the server but there are a number of objects in the NDS. Is there a tool
we can use to delete the objects that are not related to the existing
servers? We have started deleting non-existing objects and we are having
a hard time deleting the trusted root container. How do I get rid of this.