Hello there!

I've installed the Novell 4.91 SP4 client on our terminal services
system. Its a windows 2000 SP4 box. 9 times out of 10 a user can
click on their Remote desktop connection Icon (every user has a RDP
file with their windows login info in it) and the system will log
them in to the terminal services system with out a hitch and with out
prompting for credentials. All their drives will be mapped and they
are properly authenticated.

Occasionally and unpredictably a user will get a "User has failed to
login" message. You click ok and it prompts you to login to Novell.
Click ok, Type in your username and Password and you can login fine.
the user can log out and click on their Icon again and they may get
the login error or it may log them in seamlessly.

I tested for hours without a failure and as soon as my manager tried
to login HE got the error, even though I had logged him in 10+ times
previously with out encountering the problem.

The issue is how can I prevent these random seeming login failures?

I tried setting up location profiles so that I could force everybody
to just login to Novell like they would their workstation but even
though the Location dialog shows when you access the server. Users on
Terminal services never see the location dialog or the Novell Login
unless the login fails. If the login fails there is no Location
dialog when you are confronted with the login screen.

Please HELP!!