Client OS: Windows XP SP3
VPN Client: Forticlient v4.0.0.47
Novell Client: 4.91 SP5 w/latest patches as of 4/7/09

So here's the problem:

I install the Forticlient and it works just fine. Then I install the Novell Client and I connect, but lose my IP address after five seconds and it goes to Link-local (you know, something in the range).

I uninstall the Novell Client and we're in business again.

I reinstall the Novell Client and same problem.

The Forticlient is doing DHCP over IPsec and pulling an address from the firewall. I've tried DHCP relay, same deal. I even tried setting the Forticlient to a static address and it lost that!!!!

Anyone know what's going on here?