.. . . to NW 6.5 SP8 without Compression.

Excluding our SYS Volume, our Source Server has Compression
enabled on the Volumes. No Compression has been enabled on
our Target Server. Both servers have two Gb NICs setup with
teaming and plugged into a Gb Switch.

I've read that going from Compressed to Uncompressed Volumes
will slow down the File Migration. I'm trying to guesstimate how
much time the File Migration will take us.

Our Source Server has about 260GB of files (about 7GB on SYS).
Uncompressing the Source Server's Volumes, prior to the Migration,
is "iffy" due to space limitations.

Given the above amount of files, NIC speed, and assuming recommended
optimized settings ("Using the Migration Wizard for NetWare servers"
document) . . .

- About how many hours would the File Migration likely run?

('Not sure about this second question...)
- Is it possible to enable Compression on the Target Server's Volumes,
then remove it (and expand the files) after the Migration? [Or are we
committed to Compression, once it's been enabled on a Volume?]

[If the Migration time (Compressed to Uncompressed) isn't too unwieldy,
I'll probably go with the slower method, but I'm hoping not to be running
on "vapors" by the time the Post-Migration installs are called for.]