Last night while working on some other problems on one server that had to be
rebooted several times, the VPN Slave on this particular server started
coming up as "Unresolved" and would not load any more. Although I have the
"Current Patches' page open at this time to see if I may have missed
something, I just recently added BM38 to this server and BM38SP2a. It is
NW60 with SP5. Now no connection to the master.

Also, on the servers I've updated to BM38, I've kept my current BM37VPN
which works but is there a particular configuration where I can start
switching over to the BM38 VPN and yet keep all eight servers talking to
each other? I am planning on taking one of the current slaves to use as the
new master which is what I believe was recommended.

Thanks again for all your help and support!