Hi all,

we have had issues with random image crashes with 10.1.3.

We have tracked the behavior down to the ip address being released and given to another workstation during the image process causing the image to crash on the other workstation.

This appears to be a known bug from version 7 and a TID can be found IP address is being released During PXE image restore process.

We have only seen this since we put the pxe image commands on a boot menu and made it so you can launch 4 workstation images in less than 30 seconds with out having to go into maintenance mode and then typing in the path to the image.

If you are having random crashes during imaging (image stops streaming) and the image engine exits with "unknown error: -1" then this is the most likely cause.

to confirm it, enable debug logging on the boot server, in logs/preboot you will see pbserv.log, open this file and you will see each machine connecting to the preboot service. you will see that different machine with different macs are connecting with the same ip address.

we are now testing for a work around.