We upgraded from Border Manager 3.6 to Border Manager 3.8sp2a on a brand
new netware 6.5sp2 server.

When we opened the common log files, sometimes, user id is not showing.

I find this TID 10063118, and it's exactly what we have. But this TID
applied to BM 3.5/3.6 and it is supposed to be fixed.

exemple : - doej.doe.john [20/Oct/2004:10:31:34 -0400] "GET
http://www.zdnet.fr/cnet/i/co/clear.gif HTTP/1.0" 301 642 - - [20/Oct/2004:10:31:34 -0400] "GET
slinks.fr/homepage;sz=490x13;tile=1;ord=1234? HTTP/1.0" 302 198 - doej.doe.john [20/Oct/2004:10:31:34 -0400] "GET
http://www.zdnet.fr/i/sp/wi-fi/hc_wt_hotspot_hed1.gif HTTP/1.0" 200 3314

Any idea?