Hello All,

Quite Simply;
i am unable to ping (from any client PC) my SmallBusiness6.5 server after
installing BorderManager3.8, and rebooting. Reponse timeout.

Test Environment:
* Novell Small Business 6.5.
* Clean install. Did a "Custom", and installed ALL Components.
* No Patches have been applied.

From said server:
I can ping to the LAN, I can ping out to the Internet. I can ping
"novell.com" and DNS will resolve IP address.
I can connect remontely (LAN & Internet) and access virtual office.
Everything appears to work.

* Install BorderManager 3.8, get the message to reboot, and do so.

When server comes back up, no other machines can ping Server. All timeout.
n.b., Server can now only ping the internet. It will "Send" packets, but
will Not "Recieve" packets.
All this worked before Server was rebooted (after BM install). Now it doesnt.

Looked for a solution. Discovered "bm38sp2a.exe". Maybe i should have
applied "bm38sp2a.exe" after the BM38 install, but prior to rebooting??

Commandeered a different box (just in case of hw).
Repeated Entire process: Small Biz, clean install, etc.
After BM38 finished installing, decided NOT to reboot. Instead, i applied
the "bm38sp2a.exe". Then i rebooted.
No Change. No Ping. No Patience.

i followed the documentation provided on the BM companionCD, Craig johnson,
On slide 65, "Select Services and set Filter Exceptions", i chose "Select
All"... which includes "IP packet filtering". Does this have anything to
do with Anything? o_O