every couple of weeks one of our servers goes from 1-5% average CPU utilization to 23%. And stays at exactly 23%, still function properly as before.

When I go into monitor - busiest threads it then shows "ImgServ connect" as the busiest, with about 3,000,000 things.

If I type in "unload imgserv" it asks me if I really want to unload "even though there is an imaging session in progress". Yet, there are no imaging sessions in progress. Unloading then fails, it never unloads and I don't get my prompt back (btw: is there a way to start that unload command as a background process so that I at least get my prompt back?)

After restarting the server it comes back up fine with the low CPU utilization.

Imaging works fine otherwise, I haven't seen utilization go up during imaging and am not sure if the spike up to 23% is even happening during imaging.

We are on version 7.00

Any suggestions?