I have a problem in one of our buildings that a "direct connection" (outside
the proxy) is not working. This is needed for things like GroupWise Client
and Instant Messaging. What affects whether or not a direct connection
works or not? I have six other buildings configured the same way (or so I
think) and they have not problem.
Along the same lines, what keeps us from accessing via public IP a few of
our servers while the others are accessible? On all we can ping the router
at each building which is 1 number lower than the server, but on one or two
we can't get past the router to the server for things like Pure IP RConsole,
etc., yet I have not problem from home using my ISP.
Sorry if this should be in a different forum, it just seems that it comes
about after BM is installed.

Thanks for any help or suggestions, I realize you can set BM filters to
force everything through the proxy, but I chose not to use the secure
connection when installing. The only filters normally running are for the
VPN (Outgoing RIP)