We are re-configuring our network so that our ADSL modem/router is on the public side of the server running Bordermanager (3.9). It is currently plugged into our switch.

We have 3 servers all OES Netware SP7. One with Groupwise 6.5, including webaccess, one with all our files and one utility server running printers, DNS/DHCP and hopefully BM. All in one location serving 30 - 40 workstations.

We have recently bought 5 static IP addresses from our ISP (who also provided the ADSL modem/router). The router used to be the DHCP server for our private network but this has been transferred to a server.

The problem is that the router wants to assign our static public IP addresses to our server but will not as it sees the server public NIC with a static private address. We can assign the public ip address to the server public NIC using INETCFG but the router will not recognise it.

How can we get our server NIC to accept an ip address assigned from the router? Is this possible?

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Robert Scott