New install Netware SBS 6.5 using BM 3.8
1 net card for private
1 net card for public
public goes to the internet via gateway and DSL modem, no dedicated IP address.

1st part
Before I install BM 3.8 my eDirectory wakes up in 4 seconds +-1 as soon as
I put BM on this goes up to 41 +-1 any ideas? (I am using a DELAY 60 to get
round this)

2nd part
I have set up configured sources to internet timeservers. I need a filter
set (by experiment) to

Source Interface Private
Destination Interface Public
Source port ANY (as it is sending from a dynamic port @#!@#!)
Destination port 123
Source address ANY
Destination timeserver

NTP is set in TIMESYNC.CFG for 123 (NTP)

This seems in total contradiction to TID#10020134

Any help?

G Evans