I am new to ZCM 10 and expect ZCM to ease application install on PCs + all the other nice features that are offered by ZCM:)

Currently all PCs are setup manually i.e. load OS, Novell client and I run each application install by running the setup.exe or the msi file. With ZCM 10, after I install ZCM agent, I know I can create bundle to push applications to the managed devices. I have the following questions:

1. Is there a different when the application was installed by ZCM bundle using the MSI file vs I manually run the MSI install from the workstation?

2. Can the user still be able to use the Add/Remove program option to repair/remove/reinstall the application?

3. Only the new PCs will have new applications install using ZCM bundle while all existing PCs already have the programs required. For example, I have 50 existing PCs that have Office 2007 installed (manually). I will have 20 new PCs and I would like to use ZCM bundle to install Office 2007. If I create a group called Office2007, should I just have the 20 PCs or including the 50 PCs that have Office2007 installed before ZCM was rolled out?

Clarification would be appreciated.