i know OES2 is 64bit aware, but is the NCS Cluster also 64 Bit aware?

I am looking for Clustering MYSQL DB (for DataWare Housing) and take a
look for 64bit OS/Cluster for this.

Anyway, what do you think about to build a 64bit OES Cluster System?
Anyone known bigger Problems yet?

NSS/EDIR/IPrint are 32bit (yet)?
Plan Novell to put the whole OES into a 64bit System?

Are there any benefits to build the OS (SLES) as 64bit and the OES Part
as 32bit, or would it be smarter to build the whole thing as 32 bit?

I wonder about, why OES doesn't use the "Power" of using more then 4G
per Process (for example Caching).