Has anyone done this successfully? I was pretty sure that I had done it before with no problem. I have definitely done it with an OES2/Linux box (with an NSS volume).

I'm having a terrible time restoring an image of a NetWare server. I have the data drives removed, so that is all safe. I simply wanted to take a (3) drive raid 5 set, create an image of the server (that worked fine), reconfigure the array controller to have a (2) drive Raid 1 set, and then restore the image of the server. This included the DOS partition and an NSS volume for SYS.

I can see the partitions in the image. I tried manually creating the partition and then doing an advanced option where you specify the image partition and where it gets restored.

It keeps skipping the NetWare partition. All that I get is the DOS partition.

Any help?