We have just finished building a new Bordermanager 3.8 server on NW 6.5sp
1a. If a user does not have client trust running, BM tries to display a
splash screen allowing the user to log in (This is good...). Two
problems... 1) The redirect page is pointing to the public IP address
instead of the internal IP address and 2) We get "object not found Error
404" at the browser on the client. (This is bad...)
We have tried reinstalling BM38 to no avail. No errors during install. We
tried changing the public IP address in the redirect in the address bar of
the browser to point to the internal IP address and same problem occurs.
We are prompted to accept the security certificate before the 404 error
occurs. Server has a read/write replica of [ROOT].
Anyone have any ideas where to start looking?