NW 6.5.7 with post patches.

What's the best method for setting a directory quota on an NSS volume?

Especially a LARGE volume with a directory with a lot of stuff on it?

I've noticed many times on many of our servers that NRM is finicky at best (you can set the quota, and then it'll still show no quota and you may have to do it like 3-5 times before it "sticks").

ConsoleOne doesn't seem to behave nicely with NSS either (we've had times where you set it in ConsoleOne and then you lose the ability to change it in NRM or any other utility until you go back into ConsoleOne and clear it out there).

Novell 4.91 SP5 client seems to have a bug where it always shows "available space" as the free size of the volume, even if the quota is enabled.

Unfortunately it seems those are the only tools available (consoleOne, NRM, Client) for NetWare. NTS says don't use ConsoleOne they only support it for GroupWise and ZEN 7 at the moment.