I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding reasonable values for the FIRST_WATCHDOG_PACKET set parameter. While I noticed that in the OES2 SP1: NCP Server for Linux Administration Guide this parameter is listed as only having valid values of 0 (for disable) and 1 (for enable), I had assumed that this document was incorrect, and that the value actually corresponded to what the description for the parameter says it does: "This parameter controls how long to wait in minutes before checking to see if connection is still alive due to inactivity."

My question however, is if anyone has advice on a good setting that balances promptness with performance. I've seen a number of docs and forum posts indicating people set this value to 1. Assuming this does set the value to one minute, would this be an unreasonably short period of time to set this parameter to in a building with six hundred or so workstations? If the performance hit is negligable I'll gladly set the value to 1, but if the network traffic would be unnecessarily heavy I'm curious what others would consider a more conservative value for this to be.

Our environmnet limits users' concurrent logins, thus the need for configuring Watchdog.