Using ZCM 10.1.3

I have a user who very frequently has her carefully placed desktop icons all pushed over to the left and she has to resort and reposition.

We have just failed trying to find why this happens, but it occurred to me that I could use PM to preserve her Desktop icons and re-apply them next time it happened.

I created a template with only the icons selected, and --store seems to work to create the *.pnp file well, and can mix up the icons and run an --apply and it does the trick.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to work any more after the workstation is rebooted. It still runs, and the log file PM creates looks ok, but the icons are not moved.

I get this behavior whether running PersonalityMigration.exe on the workstation or via a bundle runing PersonalityMigrationCore.exe.

Is there something about Windows Desktop icon positioning that makes it work this way?
Is the icon layout really stored in the *.pnp file (which appears to be persistant).

Any help appreciated.