I have a lab running here where I can successfully image one of the test workstations using PXE, but not the other.

I assign "Take an Image" to both machines from the ZCC and reboot them, and one will take the image, the other will go through the PXE process with no errors and then boot back to Windows. By "no errors" I mean that the PXE process is succesfully loading nvlnbp.sys, and reporting that it is contacting the Novell Preboot Policy Service, and reports no errors. It then goes back to the PXE process as if there was no work to be done.

ZCM is incorrectly reporting that the image was successfully taken for the workstation that is not taking the image.

When I look at /var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/preboot/pbserv.log, I can see that for the successfully imaged machine, there is a Job ID listed (8F67....etc).

For the machine that fails, the Job ID is blank.

Any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting this? This is a fresh out-the-box install of ZCM 10.1.0