We are replacing an existing BorderManager 3.5 on Netware 5.1 server with
a New 3.8 version. We use only Proxy and access control functions. I
have the new server build and BorderManager 3.8 on Netware 6.5and
SurfControl software load and configured.

We have 2 problems;

1) We have several workstation that need to connect to the Proxy Server
but not have the Novell Client installed and we use SSL connections. If
we log in ad the the ADMIN user then the SSL connection works but if we
log in as any other uses no matter if the users have supervisor right or
not it will not connect?

How should we configure the Border Manger to allow for the connections?

2) We have 5 workstations which run Windows 2000 Pro with the Novell
Client installed the Client has only IPX bound. These these 5
workstations have to access an old database that will not work if the
workstations connection the server with IP.
These 5 workstations can not connect to the Proxy Server. Can I enable
IPX on a NetWare 6.5 server with no problem and will this work?