I have a lab environment with one NW 6.5 SP7/OES server, one Windows server running SP2, and now an OES Linux SP2 server. I am trying to get it back into the tree after removing it so I could install DSFW since there didn't seem to be another way to get it to run the wizard to do the dsfw install.

When I get to the point where I specify the root that becomes the domain, I specify a pre-existing set of domain objects (dc=mydomain,dc=com) which have been partitioned, but I get a dialog that the specified server does not have a master or read/write replica of the root partition. This is not correct; the server I am pointing to does have the master of root and the master of the root of the domain as well.

I upgraded this NetWare server from to 8.8.3 thinking that might be the issue but this made no difference. Any ideas here? I've been stuck at this point for a week now.