I'll cop to the fact that I'm not a fulltime programmer. I
administrate GroupWise more than program for it and all of my previous
programs have been more along the lines of extracting filtered data
from the reports that GroupWise can generate.

Now, however, I find myself in a position where I need to start
looking at data within accounts that aren't reported by GroupWise,
more precisely, address book entries. I'm fairly well along but the
documentation/examples and the posts on this group pretty much assume
a certain degree of advanced knowledge that I'm having a hard time,
with the time I've got, distilling into what I need to know. So,
please be understanding when I ask a few questions.

Right now I have the basis for extracting data from address books
predicated on the sample login/folder count program, albeit modified
to list address books. What I'd like to know is, using C#:

What do I need to extract from an address book and provide to a
request for the address book items?

What is the cursor mechanism? I understand the concept of a cursor
but I'm not sure how it's used in this context. I'm more inclined to
think in terms of iterators.

In looking at the fields in the address books I see things like "Id"
and "Idfield". What is the distinction? They seem to carry the same

Are address book items a distinct class or does one have to cast the
response to a request?