I'm trying to set up BorderManager 3.8 to log via NSURE audit. I
currently have NSURE set up and working. Its syslogging NDS and
Filesystem events just fine to my syslog server. I'm trying to make
BorderManager (which is on the same box as the logging server) log via
NSURE and although I've followed all the instructions here:
page=/documentation/nbm38/inst_admin/data/botcdrh.html it just doesn't
work. BM does log in the normal places (common and extended) but wont use

The instructions on that page are very simple overall so I cant figure
out what the problem is. Do any of you have any ideas? Is there something
left off the instruction page? I dont see anywhere in nwadmin32 to set BM
to log to nsure, only the normal logging options of common, extended

I'm specifically trying to log http proxy info.
This is all with only one NetWare box running BM3.8 and NW6.5