I'm not exactly sure if this is a BorderManager setup issue or not.
However, since I'm assuming it has something to do with the NAT settings,
I'm trying here first.

We have two servers. Both are NW65sp1a. Right now we have one setup
strictly as a file server. The other is setup as our firewall, proxy
server, email server and web server using BM38sp1a, GW65sp2 and Apache2.
Now we're looking at installing iFolder but we want to install it
completely on the file server. I've already made sure Apache2 is
installed on the file server and now I'm trying to set things up so that
both web servers are accessible from the internet. I've setup
Static/Dynamic NAT so that the private IP of the file server also has a
public address. I've also adjusted the packet filters on the firewall so
that www-http-st and www-https-st can reach both servers. When I try to
access (the public address of the BM/GW server) I get the GW
WebAccess page that I expect. However, when I try to access
(the public address of the file server) I don't get the generic Apache web
page I expect. Instead I get the GW WebAccess page which tells me
that .149 is being picked up and serviced by the BM/GW server.

I have three questions.
1- Is it possible to run multiple, unrelated web servers on the same
network when one is physically the same server as the firewall/proxy
server and the other(s) is located "behind" the firewall?
2- What adjustments do I have to make to BorderManager so that both web
servers can be properly accessed by their seperate IP Addresses?
3- Is this even a BorderManager issue?