I'm now feeling daring enough to start testing autoyast installs.

I will have a need for both "plain" SLES 10 SP2 installs, as well as OES 2 SP1 installs (which of course also need SLES 10 SP2).

Some of my OES2 SP1 will be pre-migration setups, and some will be new installs into existing tree.

Perusing through some of the posts it kinda sounds like you cannot really do an OES2 SP1 "add-on" via Auto-Yast later (although I see Brunold had made a script of some sort that did that?)--maybe it's posted on the Communities or can be shared--:)

I think I'll start "small" and just do plain SLES 10 SP2 first and if that works, try to progress further.

But if there's any good articles already written or any experiences anyone wants to share? (gotchas, things to NOT do, etc.)