Hi all,

Is there ANY way to reconfigure eDirectory using the graphical "OES Install and Configuration" tool from the YaST Control Center, without first removing the partition from the server using ndsconfig?

All I wanted to do was change my SLP configuration. I changed "reconfiguration is disabled" for eDirectory to "enabled," and clicked on "eDirectory" to enter the configuration screens. I made my changes, but when it tried to start eDirectory, I got the error:

"An instance of eDirectory already exists at /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/nds.conf"

Next I tried changing "keep" to "update" for eDirectory on the "OES Services" list. Went through the whole configuration again, same error.

Next I tried specifying "Existing tree" instead of "New tree." But this is the only server right now, and I got the error that I had to specify a non-local partition.

So what's the deal? I can't find ANY good documentation on this. If I use "ndsconfig rm" to remove the partition first, I can do it, but isn't this tool intended for reconfiguring OES as well as installing it?

Any help is appreciated.

- Steve