Hi Everyone -

My organization is expanding the scope of software configuration management to encompass release and integration management. This means that we will be growing from strictly a software CM group to a more hardware and software related function. To do our SCM we have a varied infrastructure, from Windows 2000/2003 to Solaris (8 at current, moving to Solaris 10 in 2010), AIX, Linux, and even legacy mainframe systems. I'm trying to find the best tool for this new role, and ZENworks sounds promising but can it handle asset discovery and inventory? Does it work with a mixed server environment such as ours? We would like a dashboard type of display mechanism, something web based preferably. Can someone point me to resources that compare ZENworks to other tools in the IT asset management space? Sorry for the newbie question but I'm just looking for a better understanding of ZEN and an avenue in which to pitch it to my management.