Hi everybody !

I'm trying to configure a DNS server under OES V2 SP1 / SLES V10 SP2 : it's look like very easy, but it's not working...

My config

One server called DNS1 under SLES V10SP2 and OES V2 SP1.
One computer called PC-XP with XP SP3, without any firewall.

I'd like to implement DNS under OES V2 SP1 but I don't want to use DHCP.

For this I've used I manager and :
* Create a server management (DNS1)
* Create a new Zone management (ZONEDNS) and rattached DNS1 to this one
* Create a record A: PC-WP with the correct Ip adress from my computer

I've too change DNS from the computer and from my server and now I only use the IP from DNS1

My problem

When I try to ping my computer, with his name, from the server I receive a message "unknow host"

When I try to ping my server, with his name, from the computer I receive a message "Unable to find host DNS1"

If I do the same with Ip adress all is ok ! I'm too able to go to internet with my computer, so I think the DNS is activate because he's able to use the root's server.

I need your help : what's wrong ?

Thank's for your propositions.

NwNovice - Tototo