We recently started moving our WAN from one provider to another, and a weird SLP issue came up as we started flipping sites. I'll lead off by telling you that I don't know much about SLP, just what a consultant ran past us a few years ago and it was very limited.

We have two servers that are SLP DAs. The primary for everything outside of the data center has two NICs with two different IP addresses (we didn't know how to properly team them when this server was installed and haven't wanted to disturb anything to fix it).

We are seeing the following message on the console of all of our NetWare 6 SP5 servers:

SLP Activate DA FAILED for v2 DA "" which returned a different address of "".

Those IPs reflect what is set on the two NICs. Looking in the slp.cfg file of the other servers shows that they are configured for the first IP as I would expect:


I don't get any errors about the second one when I reset SLP, just the first. Any ideas?