Hi all,

I have just built a new cluster within a VMware environment to do some testing and have run into a small yet annoying problem which i'm sure is just something simple i've done wrong.

I have created the cluster which is all running. I have then created two Cluster resources which are just NSS Volumes resources. One called Userdata and one called ISOStore.

I can move these around and create files within them etc etc. All fine so far.

Now I go to give someone else rights to add files to the ISOStore resource. I browse to the cluster resource, right click the volume name and add the rights. I then get told that I don't have the rights to make the change.

If I now browse to the server that is hosting the resource and try to add the rights from there it lets me do it, but if I then browse back via the cluster resource name the rights are not there!

As another test, if I browse via the cluster resource name and go into the ISOStore volume and then create a folder withing it called test, then assign someone right to that folder, that works fine too!

So basically to sum it all up, I can't give people rights to the root of a Cluster Volume via the cluster resource?

Anyone got any idea as to what I have stuffed up? It works fine on our existing cluster and I have full rights to all the containers and have checked for any IRFs etc but everything looks to be fine?

Thanks, Matt.