I have a small NW6.5SP8 server doing file server, iPrint and DHCP for a
very small development LAN.

What I am seeing is this:

1. From time to time, the server appears to stop routing between the
private and public addresses on the server. Symptom is: client can ping
the private address but not the public address.

2. When moving large amounts of data (sequentially, such as copy a large
number of files) the copy will hang up mid stream, and windows will
report basically, that the file is no longer there to copy. If I click
"Skip" the copy continues, and if I go and copy the skipped file right
away, it copies just fine. Running a concurrent ping to the server shows
that I am not losing connectivity, so it looks as though the server just
stops serving the files ... ?

Any thoughts about what might be going on here?

(Fwiw, this problem was extant in SP7 as well. I had hoped the
application of SP8 would fix it. <g>)

-- Ken