My apologies if this is not the right forum, but I can't find any
better fit... (please redirect me if needed!)

I support a public school system that routinely connects the
state dept.of education through a vpn client. After upgrading
from BM3.7/nw6.5sp2 to BM3.8/nw6.5sp2 we're having
problems. Here's the situation:

The only VPN configuation anywhere is a Cisco VPN client on
the desktop. BM is not configured for VPN, only firewall, web-filtering
through SurfControl, reverse proxy for web site, and email passthru..

With both access rules and filtering disabled, I cannot make a connection
through BM3.8. (BM3.7 with rules and filters worked OK as long as I kept
IP packet forwarding in TCPCON on..) The VPN client is trying to establish
a tunnel using IPsec over TCP on port 10000, but the remote peer never
responds. (Cisco 3000 series Concentrator).

If I make a direct connection to the router, bypassing BM3.8, everything
works fine.

It appears to me to be a CiscoVPN Client (rel 3.6.3) to BM3.8 issue,
but I can't find any info from Cisco related to BorderManager.

Has anyone had similar issues? Thanks in advance... B.