We have Bordermanager 3.7 on an NW6.5 SP2 server. We've run it for some
years behind our internet firewall which connects to our internet service
provider. Any device on the network that accesses the internet does so by a
default process: the routers are configured so that if the destination
address isn't found locally then traffic is forwarded to the firewall. I
can't find anywhere in the Bordermanager config that says "talk to internet
thru this address: xx.xx.xx.xx".

However due to corporate takeover shenanigans we now have a department in
the building technically owned by a second company who want to use their own
ISP but still go through Bordermanager. Is it possible to configure BM to do
this? It would have to differentiate between users either by user id or
context or by source address (they're on a seperate subnet).

Any ideas?

Steve Law