We are getting ready to deploy some standalone SLES 10 SP2 servers that will be running OES 2 sp2 (if it is ready and available) NSS volumes, iPrint services, file storage, and on a couple of them we will be running DNS/DHCP services.
We would like to be able to do Raid 5 and hot swap drives if possible. The hardware I was thinking would be something like Dual Core processors, 4 GB RAM, 6 300 GB drives for the NSS volumes, here are some further questions,

1.) What are the base hardware requirements for OES 2 SLES 10 SP2?

2.) Are there any differences with running SLES on a ESX VM server environment instead as of Physical boxes?

3.) Are there any best practices for setting up NSS volumes using either a separate drive partition or how to set up EVMS properly during the building of the box?

4.) Any other issues that we should be prepared for with hardware related issues?

Thank you