I had to change the public IP on a customers bordermanger vpn as they
switched ISPs.
I got the legacy VPN to one site reconnected just fine.
I am having an issue with a site to site using imanager setup and a
netgear vpn. It used to work before I changed the IP.
I went in to the netgear and changed its ike policy to the new IP of the
On the borderanager I had blown away the old config on the server and
started over.
I then recreated the netgear vpn settings but I am getting some errors
in the IKE log.
I also don't see this connection showing up in callmgr.

In the ike log I am seeing:
Warn :Proposal mismatch PHASE 1 Authentication method mismatch mine :
RSA signatures his : pre-shared key

on the VPN slave on BM 3.8 sp5 I do have it setup for pre-shared key. I
am not sure where its pulling rsa from.

Warn :Proposal mismatch PHASE 1 DH Group mismatch mine : 1 his :

The netgear had always been at 2 so I am not sure why its not matched
now. Where would I set that in BM?