I was wanting to install the patches for Winsock (Server Netware 6.5 SP6), to fix some zenworks issues that we are having, and based on the knowledge base. So I downloaded the patches and stick them on a floppy disc and run 1. Load Nwconfig | go to Product Options | Install a product not listed | press F3 to specify a path and specify the path to the winsock.ips file.
Note: This will copy the files to the server boot directory.

When I specify A:\ and it sees it backs up a copy of the old stuff and then tells me A:\Startup was not found (Nwconfig -6-233) it gives me options to force the files or find Startup or abort the install... I want to make sure if I should just go ahead and force the install of the files, just not totally sure? Thanks for the help