NW6.5SP7, NDPS up-to-date, workstation XP Pro with NWClient 4.91SP5
installed IP/IPX:

on one workstation only, in an office full of like stations, the one
NDPS printer that the user installs disappears on reboot or logout/login.

Printer is a Sharp M550N multi-function (large copier, printer, scanner)
and I've tried updating to the latest PCL6 driver. It's a
controlled-access printer and the user runs the "Add Printer" wizard,
browses to it down the tree, and adds it & it works fine until he logs
out or shuts down.

No other workstations in the office have this issue. I see lots of
references to similar problems, but they're all outdated. Could find
nothing that was newer than references to looking at the printer in
NWADMIN and seeing if it was set to remove from the workstation or
restricting the users, etc., and none of those things apply. There's
also nothing obviously special about the user or workstation having the
problem and there are no associated error messages or log entries.

Any thoughts?

-- DE