Hi all,

I am trying to find a solution to the age old issue of users on the network (winxp pro SP2 image with Novell Client for Windows 4.91 SP2) pulling the lan cable after login to bypass network policies and locally login with the .default user profile which has more rights than intended.

I have been searching alot of old threads on this site and tried things such as playing with local policies (back when I thought the network policies would override these on login tongue.gif ), looking at login scripts installed locally on the clients, registry changes etc...

To explain more I have users in a school environment and another year another batch of kids work out how to pull the lan cable on login. Now when I push the fresh images out every term we have 3 local admin accounts already stored but nothing else. Students login on the network, take the .default profile (admin rights) then apply XP network policies via Novell deployment which works great. Now no student profiles are saved locally and are removed on logout so therefore any playing I do with default profile will affect subsequent logins with no stored profile.

I remember this problem being around for years but never found a "fix" or a nice way around this. I thought of locally storing a .bat in startup tasks maybe checking for media state disconnected and then sending a logout command? Is there any way we can enforce a network login must stay connected, I tried playing around with local policies and slow logins but it has no affect. Not sure if this is due to the novell client being over the top of the MS login??

I would really appreciate any help or suggestions on this! Let me know if more info would help.